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Capital One credit card customers can take advantage of a pre-approved car loan via  Have you recently received a letter in the mail from Capital One describing their Blank Check Program?  If so are you interested in learning more about this opportunity so you can take advantage of this special offer?  Some customers may have received an offer for the Blank Check Program while others may have been presented an amount of how much they can refinance their vehicle for through Capital One.  If you received a mailer with an amount highlighted in the top right corner of your letter then that is the amount that you’re pre-approved for already.

Capital One Preapproval

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Currently you can use this program to purchase your brand new vehicle through Capital One Auto Finance.  You only need to visit the Capital One Auto Finance Auto Approval website and complete the online application which only takes a few minutes to see how much you’re approved for.  Before visiting the site be sure to find your Personal Code which is a 9 digit number on your mailer.  This code already has your personalized loan details identified with it.  Cardholders also have the option of calling to setup their pre-approval loan.  The number to call is 1-800-685-9508.

Upon approval of your loan all of your loan information will be calculated for you and will be visible for you to review online.  You will know exactly what your total loan amount will be, loan payments, and interest rate.  If everything then suits your approval you will then be mailed out your Capital One Blank Check.

capital one auto loan pre approval

When you receive your blank check you will be able to use it at any Capital One approved dealership.  There will be a listing of local dealerships included in the packet you will receive.  You’ll be able to shop for a new car at those places and when you find a suitable vehicle you can simply use the blank check towards your purchase.

An important stipulation to remember is you will only have 45 days to use the blank check otherwise it will be void.  Make sure you locate a car within that time frame so you can capitalize on the blank check program.  One last tidbit of advice for customers is be sure to read all the fine print about this program.  You will want to make sure you the car you select falls within the guidelines of the program.

Capital One Auto Loan Pre Approval Highlights

There are some details that Capital One customers need to be aware of pertaining to this preapproval offer.  Here is a list of conditions to consider:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Minimum gross monthly income should be $1,800
  • Capital One account in good standing
  • Can’t be delinquent or in foreclosure on real estate, mortgage, or loans
  • No Capital One default loans in the past 12 months
  • Financing starts at $4,000 and extends to $35,000
  • Loan terms are 24 months to 72 months
  • Vehicle mileage must be under 120,000

This is a short list of stipulations but there is a longer list on the back of the mailer you received so be sure to read the entire disclosure agreement.  If everything is good customers can proceed to to start the process rolling.

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