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Thousands of people are amazed by a new super product called SuperBeets the Circulation Superfood. It is a unique and healthy way to get lots of energy and necessary stamina every day. A famous celebrity Karen Hunt advises it to her listeners as she thinks its a must-have in modern life.

Go at karenhunterbeets.com and order this miracle in case you want to be more productive in any kind of activity.

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Karen Hunter SuperBeets

The Karen Hunter SuperBeets is a special promotional offer that allows you to get an almost free canister of this product in case you order two or more. This deal also comes with bonus items including a “Beet The Odds” book, 2 FREE Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips, and FREE shipping.

Any client can also be a member of a much more profitable promotion (order 4 SuperBeets and get 2 additional canisters for free!). The price for this deal is 9.90. Individuals that are interested in simply trying out the product can order a single canister without all the freebies for .95. SuperBeets is available on Amazon.com and customers can buy a single canister there as well.

The company works for customers and respect them a lot. Thus, every client has a right to get his/her money back within 90 days in case they do not like this product at all. The company has a no questions asked policy on returns.

The product producer's name was NeoGenis Labs, but its headmasters decided to fresh the company's image and now it is called HumanN. Compare the price of 1 canister of HumanN Superbeets from the website with Amazon.com’s pricing HERE.

HumanN SuperBeets Overview

What is SuperBeets and why should you consider trying it? SuperBeets is a superfood powder that helps the body create more nitric oxide which enhances circulation throughout the body. A boost of nitric oxide in the body helps to dilate blood vessels and regulate blood flow to all the organs which in turn enhances natural energy, stamina, and endurance.

Why it is worth adding SuperBeets to my daily life? SuperBeets is worth your attention as it is popular due to unbelievably delicious taste and a high concentration of dietary nitrates. The beets are non-GMO and with the technology used to harvest the beets SuperBeets are infused with more nitric oxide than their competitors. The daily serving of this product is only 1 teaspoon which is equivalent to 3 non-GMO beets or a half-liter bottle of beet juice.

Thousand of customers thanks producers for this product as it helped them to stop using lots of harmful coffee every day. It gives even more energy and is completely non-harmful! Users also take it before a workout session as it gives extra endurance to extend their workout or to workout harder.

Open NeoGenis Lab's e-catalog located at Amazon.com and read more useful information/reviews about this amazing product. Check out what else they have to offer at Amazon.com.

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  • I used to take beet crystals years ago. I use to feel good and annual medical tests and blood work were good. It was expensive back then. I’m going to try Super beets. This is a good price and I like that it comes with the strips. Thanks for reminding me about the miracles of beets.

  • Thanks ms. Hunter for telling us about this product, listen to your show everyday

  • Where do I place my order?????

  • I have not purchased this product yet but I am on my way of doing it ASP

  • Just ordered my Karen Hunter SuperBeets I’m hoping it is as good Karen Hunter’s show #KarenRebels

  • Thanks Karen for the information about the super beet. On your site to order. I listen to you often whenever I can; want to have your same attitude when I grow up, I’m 72 years young!

  • Ms. Hunter, God bless you. My lab work cam backe fine except my cholesterol level was a little high. I heard your commercial and I said God was right on time. Much blessings to you and your crew.

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